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How we produce iron cast radiator?

时间:2017-06-10 12:28来源:未知 作者:nancy
Beizhu Group was founded in 1988. We are specilized in producing and exporting iron cast radiator for
nearly 30 years. Beizhu cast iron radiator is very popular at home and abroad. In China, it is one of the
top ten biggest brand and has agent in 23 provinces. We also have exported to UK, Russia, Australia,
Algeria, Kirghizia... And get very good feedback .
Beizhu iron cast radiator is widely accepted by customers. How we produce iron cast radiator and ensure
good quality?
1. Beizhu iron cast radiator has been past 4 times pressure test by manual work and machine work. 100%
water pressure test makes sure that our leakage rate after finishing is under 0.3%.

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iron cast radiator

2. Beizhu every iron cast radiator must be polished 3 times. No sand inside and smooth surface make it
beautiful and with big thermal output.

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iron cast radiator 

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